Pressalit Care wins Nightingale Innovation Award

Nightingale Innovation Award goes to Pressalit Care for its Adjustable Bathroom Fixtures

Pressalit Care, a global supplier of location-adjustable fixtures for bathrooms and kitchens, has been presented the Nightingale Innovation Award (Clinical category) at this year’s Healthcare Design Show.   The trade show, held Nov. 12-15, 2016 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, is attended annually by healthcare professionals and architects from across North America and the world. The Nightingale Award is given annually to those products whose innovative design is seen to contribute to the continuing improvement of healthcare environments.  Pressalit Care received the award for its PLUS family of track-mounted bathroom fixtures.

The PLUS line’s unique track system allows easy up, down, or sideways adjustment of wall-mounted components via simple, easy-to-use adjustment handles.  The system’s easy adjustability benefits not only end users and caregivers but also owners and architects due to its ability to locate components exactly where a resident or patient needs them.  This enables adaptable bathroom layouts that can accommodate the varying size or disability requirements of a wide range of individual users. 

According to Gary Nowitz, president of Pressalit Care North America, “Our design philosophy is that the physical space in a bathroom should be capable of being adapted to the needs of the user, not vice versa, This enables owners and architects to more easily pursue their “universal design” objectives, a current hot button in the country’s nursing homes and hospital rooms where no two residents or patients have the same needs or physical capabilities.”

About the PLUS Series

In addition to providing easy vertical and horizontal adjustment options for components such as toilets, wash basin and shower seats, the PLUS series features rounded edges and a closed design with a minimum of slits and grooves. This gives the system’s components a smooth, even surface that facilitates cleaning and encourages a greater degree of personal hygiene.  The simple design gives the PLUS series a contemporary, user-friendly look.  Components are also available in a wide range of colors, making it possible to personalize the bathroom while also acting as effective visual aids for elderly users and the visually impaired.  

Says Nowitz, “The flexibility of the series offers both short- and long-term economic advantages. For example, easy replacement and relocation of components from one room to another means that owners can save money on buying sub-components, as all rooms rarely need to be fully equipped. At the same time, the contractor doesn't have to worry about future conversion costs when a new resident or patient with different needs moves in.  He simply determines the new resident’s needs and adjusts the components accordingly.”
The Nightingale Award certificate

Nightinggale Award Certificate

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Nursing Home Environment
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PLUS animation video (5:32 min.)