Parasports Day

This Saturday, Parasport Denmark introduces the event: ”Parasports Day”. At this event, disabled people, regardless of the severity of their disability, will have the opportunity to try out new kinds of sports.

“Physical disabilities do not have to be limitations in relation to sports”, says Daniel Wagner, professional para-athlete. Some people assume that physical disabilities imply that you have to be inactive and that you are not suited to do sports. This is an assumption that Parasport Denmark wants to get rid of.

Saturday, September 23rd 2017, Parasport Denmark launches its new initiative Parasports Day. The event is held in Aalborg, Vejle and Copenhagen and the aim of the event is to give children and young people with a disability a chance to try out sports. No matter, if they have tried it previously or not. If they are not ready to throw themselves into sports yet, they also have the opportunity to ask questions and gather information about parasport in general.

Parasport Denmark wants to provide disabled people with the same possibilities, in terms of sports, as anyone else has, just as Pressalit wants to provide disabled people with the same possibilities as others in terms of accessibility. Partly based on this connection between Pressalit’s products and disabled people, Pressalit started to sponsor Parasport Denmark. Subsequently, the collaboration developed and today Pressalit is a principal sponsor behind Parasport Denmark.

Pressalit is devoted to taking social responsibility and get involved with the remaining society. “Besides from the logical connection between Parasport Denmark’s members and Pressalit’s products, which increase the accessibility for disabled people, room for diversity is one of Pressalit’s core values,” says Dan Boyter, Director and Board Member at Pressalit.

The attitude that there is room for diversity is of great importance for Pressalit. This importance is also noticeable, when it comes to Pressalit’s employees. Pressalit is a workplace where a various spectrum of ethnicities, age groups and working abilities is represented in the workforce. Inclusion and multiplicity is a matter of course at Pressalit.

Apart from the principal sponsorship of Parasport Denmark, Pressalit also sponsors some individual para-athletes. One of these athletes is Daniel Wagner, who states: “I practice parasports on an elite level to show others that almost everything is possible in spite of physical disabilities”. Daniel also says that he has gotten a lot of great experiences and friends through sports. Consequently, there is a lot to gain, both physically and mentally.

Due to Pressalit’s support of the diversity in parasport and its inclusive nature, we encourage everyone, regardless of the degree of their disability, to participate in Parasports Day. This is a day, where everyone can participate as much as they feel like.