World Toilet Day

Pressalit wants to create awareness about the negative consequences of poor sanitation in relation with World Toilet Day.

Today, it is World Toilet Day! World Toilet Day was established in 2001 in order to draw attention to the impact of appropriate sanitation and to promote clean and safe toilet access for everyone.

Poor sanitation is a large problem in many developing countries and it affects the daily lives of numerous people. Around 2.4 people live without improved sanitation. This implies several negative consequences, for example: diseases related to insufficient sanitary conditions and people having to defecate in the open. Open defecation is especially problematic, as it causes many girls to skip school, which impacts gender equality and general productivity negatively. Ultimately, poor sanitation is harmful to both people and the environment.

Sanitation is a key part of our business here at Pressalit. In connection with our work with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we established a collaboration with UNICEF. In relation with our special focus on SDG #6 Clean Water and Sanitation, World Toilet Day is a significant day of importance for us.

Pressalit aims to make a difference and create awareness around World Toilet Day and the purpose of it by supporting UNICEF’s important work worldwide to create better sanitation.