Partnership with UNICEF

All children have the right to survive and live a long and healthy life. But thousands of children are endangered worldwide because they do not have access to clean water and proper sanitation. This is not acceptable and therefore, UN’s Sustainable Development Goals were formulated in 2015. Among these is a goal to provide all humans with access to proper sanitation and toilet conditions. Now, Pressalit has entered a partnership with UNICEF Denmark to contribute to this ambitious goal.

“As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of toilet seats, we feel a natural responsibility to spread the word of clean water and proper sanitation for all and to fight the problems poor sanitation causes for the most vulnerable people worldwide,” says Mette Dyhl Prola, Senior HR & Marketing Director at Pressalit and adds: “We chose UNICEF as a partner, because it is the world’s biggest relief agency for children and also because it is the organization who possesses the necessary knowledge and capacity to help the most people gain access to clean water and sanitation. We fundamentally believe in the value in contributing to making the world a better place for everyone and together with UNICEF, we can help make great results in the fight for sanitation and proper conditions.

UNICEF works on providing access to clean water and sanitation in more than 100 countries worldwide. Last year, UNICEF managed to provide almost 14 million people access to clean water and more than 11 million people with sanitation. In this relation, partnerships with companies play a central role according to UNICEF.

“2.3 billion people still do not have access to basic sanitation and 892 million people have to defecate in the open. This results in the death of more than 800 children every day due to illnesses caused by diarrhea. It takes an extraordinary effort if we want to reach the Sustainable Development Goal for water and sanitation and by entering a partnership with companies like Pressalit, we can reach much more children with greater results”. Says Hanna Line Jakobsen, Development Director at UNICEF Denmark.

It is not the first time that Pressalit and UNICEF cooperate. In 2017, Pressalit and UNICEF collaborated on increasing the awareness of the issues that poor sanitation causes for children. This successful collaboration has now lead to an actual partnership.