Pressalit wins the Universal Design Consumer Favorite 2018

The MATRIX MEDIUM wash basin continues to gain recognition on an international basis

Universal Design concerns creating environments, including buildings, products and services, with the highest extent of accessibility as possible. Accessibility refers to the users of the environment, who should be able to use it regardless of their physical ability, age and size.

At Pressalit, accessibility is one of our key terms when creating products for people with reduced functional ability. We continuously strive to improve our products in order to provide our customers with the best possible solutions.

Our efforts have once again paid off with the acknowledgement of winning the Universal Design Consumer Favorite 2018 for our MATRIX MEDIUM wash basin. We are pleased to accept the prize presented to us by Thomas Bade, CEO of Institute of Universal Design, as he visits Pressalit’s headquarters in Ry.

The wash basin is designed with height-adjustability, electrical operating panel, concealed plumbing for optimal hygiene and fully integrated handrails. All of these features combined are intended to create the best possible wash basin to fulfill the needs of users with disabilities.

The winner of the Universal Design Consumer Favorite 2018 is based on evaluations made by a consumer jury. The Jury is made up of 100 people. These are users of different sex and age, whereas the youngest participant was 14 years old, and the oldest participant was 85 years old. All participants are informed about the topic of Universal Design and they come from schools, associations, parents associations, organizations for people with disabilities or a senior organization.

In terms of why MATRIX MEDIUM was selected as the winner, the consumer jury was especially impressed with the easy and intuitive operation of the lifting and lowering process. In addition, it was emphasized that the corresponding technology was hardly visibly integrated for this purpose. Overall, the coherent design concept and the high-quality execution convinced the jury. In total, 75% of the jury rated MATRIX MEDIUM as very good, while 10% rated it as good.