Pressalit hosts a cross-organizational Sprint with focus on sustainability

At Pressalit, we strive to continuously innovate and develop our products. This entails new approaches to collaboration, which is why Pressalit tested the effects of a one week Sprint.

The past week, Pressalit has hosted a Sprint, which to us, is a format that encourages innovative, agile, and tangible brainstorming, collaboration, fast development and validation of new concepts. The Sprint has been facilitated and organised by InnovationLab in collaboration with Senior Project Manager, Vibeke Sanggaard Sørensen.

This intense way of working for just a week is in line with Pressalit’s overall innovation strategy and continuous aim to improve our products. The working approach to innovation was tested in order to determine its potential for further use and to see how useable the outcome would be. Thus, both the participants and facilitators were in for a steep learning process.

The Sprint took the form of a one week workshop at Pressalit’s Aarhus facilities and at HQs in Ry, creating a change of scenery with the objective to boost creativity and innovation. As one of the participants pointed out during the week, the change of settings was a success, as we got even more creative when we separated from our usual surroundings, which sometimes holds us to a certain way of thinking.

The Sprint comprised both presentations from external experts to foster new ideas and plenty of group work, and the Sprint participants included various representatives from our Product Development, Product Management, Project Management as well as external experts.

According to some of the participants, it worked really well to work cross-organizationally, as it provided some new perspectives on issues, which certain departments had already looked at before and therefore had a pre-determined idea of. However, having new eyes from other departments look at it, resulted in new ideas for solutions.

The overall theme of the Sprint was: “How do we create the future’s sustainable products?”. The participants formed three groups, which were all given three different sub-themes under the overall sustainability theme. The efforts were then dedicated to generate ideas within the first days and subsequently transforming these into concepts subject to testing and validation during the remaining of the week.

By Friday, the three groups pitched their ideas to a jury consisting of executive steering committee members and management representatives from Sales, Business Development, Finance and Supply Chain, who evaluated the work and selected a winner. All three pitches were very well received by the jury who were very impressed by the team efforts and results achieved in a relatively short time. The Sprint teams celebrated the ended work with an after-party on Friday.

Based on the successful process and outcome demonstrated in the Sprint, management sees the process as an efficient method to be implemented as a working process going forward. And this way of working supports Pressalit’s aim to have a quick go-to-market process, and being capable of transforming ideas into validated concepts in a short timeframe.

In addition, the special emphasis on sustainability in the Sprint is well aligned with Pressalit’s work with CSR. Pressalit has a special focus on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and in particular goal #4, #6 and #12. Goal #12: Responsible Consumption and Production is therefore a vital area of development for us, as we are a production company. Thus, this week’s theme suits our work with SDG #12 really well.