Companies and people alike

You cannot invent a company's values. Many go wrong here. They define their values based on who they want to be. Not who they are. There is then a difference between what they say and what they do. No one believes them.

We believe that a company's values have to emerge. They have to be found. We found our values through a number of efforts - formal and informal - and have organised them into four groups. Each group corresponds to an area significant to people's welfare: care, recognition, humour and meaning. Areas that are not just essential for people to thrive but also for companies to grow.

We listen

We listen - because at Pressalit we respect other people and their opinions. We take pride in the recognition of our efforts, and believe that we find strength in diversity.

We give

We give - and you receive. Share knowledge and experience. Believe in committed people. In the relationship between you and the organisation. In a cooperation that is always ready to challenge the status quo.

We play

We play - because without play there is no development. All great ideas initially seem absurd, said Einstein. That's why we allow space to think outside the box. We dare to take chances. Are brave. Also in life. We value humour. And thrive on a zest for life.

We act

We act - purposefully. We are born innovative. Thrive on change. Know that we live from creating value for our customers - and our customers' customers. Through our actions we constantly renew our credibility. We are focused. Recognise that we are measured on results (and not processes). We are always ready to improve what can be done better.