We place great importance on living in harmony with our surroundings - the neighbours and the stunning and diverse nature we are so lucky to be surrounded by.

Many are surprised to learn that such a large company is based in the middle of Ry, amidst family homes and other private residences. Nevertheless, not once have our neighbours complained about our production. Pressalit A/S values good neighbourly relations.

Environment and quality management

Since 1993, Pressalit has been quality certified in accordance with ISO 9001, which includes the following principles:

  • Ongoing improvements in the management system
  • Process-oriented development and thought process
  • Binding partnerships with suppliers

Four years later we obtained the ISO 14001 certification, an internationally accepted standard that forms the basis of environmental management. The standard specifies what is required to create an environment management system based on the company, its processes and activities with allocation of day to day responsibilities, skills and environment tasks.

The environment and quality management systems contribute towards further specifying the concepts of care and consideration, the cornerstone of Pressalit's work.

Environment regulation

As a D207 listed company, Pressalit is bound by sections 4 and 5 of the Environment Protection Act. This means that we have an environmental permit and a wastewater permit, which sets out the overall framework (terms) for our production at Isagervej in Ry.

The inspecting authority is Skanderborg Municipality.