Joint responsibility

Voluntary work

Joint responsibility is our overall description of activities whereby Pressalit assumes social responsibility and is an active player in performing tasks that do not come under our immediate sphere of interest.

Typically, these are activities that take place in Pressalit’s local area and which are organised in partnership with the local authority, the local community, special interest organisations and so on.

Activities such as voluntary work and work experience all fall into this category, which you can read more about via the box on the right. In addition, Pressalit also has a range of partnerships through the company'ssponsors.

From time to time, Pressalit employees do voluntary work during their working hours. Experience has shown that this form of engagement helps highlight the company’s attitude to social responsibility in a very concrete way and personalises it for the individual employee.


The Integrational Education (IGU) is a way for refugees, who have lived in Denmark for no more than five years to get a job while they attend school. The IGU must include both a job and an education to ensure an understanding of the Danish labour market. The IGU trainees are guaranteed work at Pressalit, while we provide them with the necessary education and practical experience. In 2017, Pressalit became a part of IGU and we welcomed two IGU trainees.

Pressalit invests in the IGU trainees because we experience a change in the workforce, and we need new qualified labour, if we want to stay on top. In addition, we want take part in the common social responsibility because we as a company want to embrace people with different backgrounds, as we see diversity as a strength.

Christmas for the homeless

In 2009, Pressalit inaugurated a new Christmas tradition whereby our kitchen chefs, along with a group of volunteer employees from each department, devote an entire working day in December to organising a Christmas lunch for the homeless at the "Værestedet" drop-in centre in Aarhus. Pressalit supplies all the ingredients for the Christmas lunch and the employees prepare and serve a Christmas buffet comprising classic Danish Christmas fare. The Christmas lunch is attended by 60-70 socially excluded persons.

Volunteer firefighters

For a number of years now, Pressalit has also had a handful of employees who function as volunteer firefighters in the Ry area under the auspices of Ry Brand og Redning. The firefighters can be called out to extinguish fires at any time during their working hours.