Meet Pressalit

Pressalit is an open workplace where everyone has personal responsibility for the overall success.

When you work for Pressalit, you will experience that responsibility, having influence and action are important to us. Below you can read how we understand these three areas.


  • Pressalit believes that responsibility goes hand in hand with performance
  • Employees contribute to Pressalit’ s professional environments
  • Pressalit’ s employees have thorough and expert knowledge of our core competences
  • We all take responsibility and treat each other with respect


  • At Pressalit we take ideas seriously
  • Your commitment and competences will be challenged to make you perform better
  • Pressalit is an important player in the industry, as an Pressalit employee you will therefore have the opportunity to influence the development of the industry
  • We are a project-oriented company that values knowledge sharing
  • We work within an area of business that affects many people. This gives a sense of meaning and value to the solutions we sell


  • All employees are a part of a multifarious and dedicated team
  • At Pressalit we come happy to work, because of our informal tone of voice and good team spirit
  • Teamwork improves our results
  • Our leaders are professional and competent and focus on the employee’s job satisfaction
  • We take care of those, who take care of Pressalit

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