Confortel Atrium Hotel

Confortel Atrium Hotel, Madrid, Spain.
A 4 star hotel located in a new business district close to the airport of Madrid.

The hotel has been in operation since 2008 and features a distinct avant-garde architectural design. It comprises a total of 195 rooms, of which six are particularly suitable for elderly or disabled guests.


To create 6 functional and comfortable bathrooms catering to the needs of people with disabilities To implement a solution that would allow the bathrooms to be easily reconfigured to suit the requirements of non-disabled guests as well.


Flexible and ergonomic solutions with horizontally and vertically adjustable products, including:
  • Support arms RF548
  • Electrically adjustable wash basin bracket R4270
  • Adjustable shower chair R7551 A wall-mounted track system that al lows the individual products to be added or removed according to need.


  • Aesthetic and functional solutions matching the high standard of the Confortel hotel
  • Fully flexible bathrooms that accommodates the needs of disabled as well as non-disabled users
  • Full compliance with national rules and regulations.